Alke Missalla

Alke Missalla

+49 179 791 51 37

Studio & Showroom
Venusberg 34
20459 Hamburg

Opening hours
Tuesday + Thursday 11 - 15*
and by appointment

*During the autumn holidays, my studio will be closed from 11 to 19 October.

Special inquiries and commissions are welcome. Feel free to contact me.

Alke Missalla

Influenced by graphic forms and guided by her attention to patterns, Alke Missalla creates her own style of contemporary jewellery. All pieces are handcrafted in her studio in Hamburg, designed to last and made to be worn again and again.

My jewellery is unpretentiously simple. I work with clearly defined shapes that can be reassembled into new compositions.

The aesthetics of my jewellery emerges when each piece is worn with an appreciation for its details.